Officials and Services

Village Board

Adam Buss, President

(EXP. 2023)

Josh Brodeur, Vice President

(EXP. 2023)

Noah Jensen, Trustee

(exp. 2022)

Traci Wells, Trustee

(exp. 2023)

Scott Rortvedt, Trustee

(exp. 2022)

County, State, and Federal Officials

Columbia County Board

24th Supervisory District

John Stevenson
N2661 Hwy., Q.
Poynette, WI 53955

(608) 516-1528

Wisconsin State Assembly

42nd Assembly District

Jon Plumer
Room 223 North State Capitol

P.O. Box 8953
Madison, WI 53708
(608) 266-3404

Wisconsin State Senate

14th Senate District

Luther Olsen
Room 123 South State Capitol

P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882
(608) 266-0751

Local Services

Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc.

1314 West College Avenue

P.O. Box 2111
Appleton, WI 54912 - 2111

Phone: (920) 749-1995
Fax: (920) 731-4158


Columbia County Sheriff’s Department

Law Enforcement Center
711 East Cook Street

P.O. Box 132
Portage, WI 53901
Phone: (608) 742-4166
Fax: (608) 742-0598


Poynette Police Department

118 S Main St.

P.O. Box 247
Poynette, WI 539555
(608) 635-2588

General Engineering Company

916 Silver Lake Drive

P.O. Box 340
Portage, WI 53901
Phone: (608) 745-4070
Fax: (607) 745-5763


Pellitteri Waste Systems

Poynette School District

108 North Cleveland Street

P.O. Box 10
Poynette, WI 53955
Phone: (608) 635-4347
Fax: (608) 635-9200


Arlington Fire Department

Joe Barmen, Chief
200 Commercial Street

P.O. Box 18
Arlington, WI 53911
(608) 635-4717


Arlington EMS

Rusty Rogers, Director
215 Pierce St.

P.O. Box 222
Arlington, WI 53911


The Village Board has all of the powers of the village not specifically given to some other officer. The Village Board is responsible for the management and control of Village property, finances, highways, streets, and the public service, and has the power to act for the government and good order of the village, for its commercial benefit and the health, safety, welfare, and convenience of the public, and may carry its powers into effect by license, regulation, suppression, borrowing, taxation, special assessment, appropriation, fines, imprisonment, and other necessary or convenient means.

The Finance and Taxation Committee

  • Compiles the annual village budget
  • This committee is made up of the entire village board

The Ordinance Committee

Review the village code of ordinances and makes recommendations to the village board regarding changes to the village code of ordinances. This committee has two members.

The Auditing Committee

Reviews and signs all payment vouchers every month. This committee has two members.

The Personnel Committee

Reviews and completes employee performance evaluations and makes recommendations to the village board regarding salary modifications and other personnel-related issues for all village employees. This committee has two members.

The Public Property Committee

This committee evaluates the streets, sidewalks, personal property, and municipal buildings of the village and recommendations to the village board regarding repairs and improvements to those public properties. This committee has two members.

The Water and Sewer Committee

Provides oversight of the village’s water and sewer utilities and makes recommendations to the village board regarding the operation or maintenance of the utilities. This committee has two members.

The Board of Review

When they have been proven incorrect by sworn oral testimony, adjusts assessments, correct any errors or omissions in the descriptions or computations found on the assessment roll and checks, the assessment roll for omitted property, and double reviews.

The Plan Commission

This commission prepares reports and recommendations relating to the village's plan and development to the village board, other public officials, and other interested organizations and citizens. The commission also provides recommendations to the board of zoning appeals regarding zoning code interpretations, substitutions, and unclassified uses. The plan commission has final authority in issuing conditional use permits and in site plan approval for any construction, reconstruction, expansion, or conversion, except for one and two-family residences in residential districts. The plan commission can conduct public hearings on all proposed amendments to the zoning code and make recommendations to the Village Board on the proposed amendments.

The Board of Zoning Appeals

Hears appeals from persons aggrieved by village administrative officers' decisions, such as the village clerk, building inspector, or village engineer, to enforce the zoning code. The board of zoning appeals acts upon requests for notable exceptions, variances, errors, zoning code interpretations, substitutions, and unclassified uses.

The Community Center Commission

They manage the affairs of the Arlington Community Center, located at 200 Commercial Street in Arlington.

This includes changes to community center policies and rental fees. The commission is comprised of members from the Village and Town of Arlington.

Village Committees


Adam Buss

Vice president

Josh Brodeur


Adam Buss (exp 2023)
Josh Brodeur (exp 2023)
Traci Wells (exp 2023)
Noah Jensen (exp 2022)
Scott Rortvedt (exp 2022)


Robert Geenen

Building Inspector

General Engineering – Kelly Green


Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. - Justin Wiersma

Village Engineer

Town & Country – Brian Berquist, P.E., President

Village Attorney

StaffordRosenbaum, LLP - Paul A. Johnson

Public Property Committee

(Includes streets, sidewalks, village personal property, and municipal buildings)
Traci Wells
Noah Jensen

Finance & Taxation

Adam Buss
Josh Brodeur
Traci Wells
Noah Jensen
Scott Rortvedt

Ordinance Committee

(Review ordinances)
Noah Jensen
Scott Rortvedt

Auditing Committee

(Sign vouchers)
Josh Brodeur
Traci Wells

Personnel Committee

(Review village staff)
Josh Brodeur
Traci Wells

Water & Sewer Dept

Josh Brodeur
Scott Rortvedt

Board Of Review

Adam Buss
Josh Brodeur
Traci Wells
Noah Jensen
Scott Rortvedt
Associated Appraisals Representative
Village Clerk

Plan Commission

Adam Buss – President
Scott Rortvedt 
Martin Brey – Expires 2023
Sally Stewart – Expires 2023
Keith Podoll – Expires 2022
Dan Setz – Expires 2022
Jim Laatsch – Expires 2022

Board Of Appeals

Aaron Oughton - Expires 2024
Tyler Missall - Expires 2022
David Greenwood - Expires 2022
Tegan Krueger - Expires 2024
Vacant (Alternate) - Expires 2022

Arlington FireBoard

Adam Buss

Community Center

Elaine Podoll - Village of Arlington
Adam Buss - Village of Arlington
James Laatsch - Village of Arlington
Nate Moll - Town of Arlington
Mary Jo Mielke - Town of Arlington
Julie Plier - Town of Arlington
Village Clerk-Treasurer  – Director